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Conservatorship: Britney Spears settles legal dispute with her father

Conservatorship: Britney Spears settles legal dispute with her father

On Friday, Britney Spears and her father agreed to a settlement to resolve the legal dispute over custody of the singer.

Although the conservatorship, decided by the court, will end in November 2021, there are still unresolved legal disputes over legal fees and Britney Spears' claims that Jamie Spears used his role to unjustly enrich himself. Jamie Spears has denied any wrongdoing.

“The freedom she wanted”

The couple's lawyers did not reveal the terms of the new agreement. Matthew Rosengart, Britney Spears' lawyer, said only that the settlement gave his client “the freedom she wanted.”

Reuters/Eduardo Munoz

“She will no longer have any dealings with the court or participate in any litigation regarding this matter,” Rosengart added. Meanwhile, Alex Weingarter, Jamie Spears' attorney, told CNN that his client is “thrilled that this is all over.”

TMZ: Paying dad's legal fees

Celebrity news portal TMZ reported that it had spoken to those familiar with the matter. Accordingly, the 42-year-old musician has to pay her father's legal fees, which amount to more than 2 million US dollars (about 1.9 million euros).

There are also millions more Britney Spears already has to pay for her legal bills, according to the tabloid's sources, who described Spears as “furious” over the financial hit.

Spears lived under her father's conservatorship for approximately 14 years. In her memoir, The Woman In Me, she wrote about how guardianship dictated her life, from decisions about her diet and artistic endeavors to family planning.

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