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The Impossible Kitchen: A Portrait of Cornelia Polito

The Impossible Kitchen: A Portrait of Cornelia Polito

After Haya Molcho and Viki Fuchs, she became The third wife at season 7 From Kitchen Impossible: We’re Talking About Chef Hamburg Cornelia PolitoMorning March 13 He will compete against Tim Malzer.

Cornelia Polito Born in 1971is now one of the The most famous chef in Germany Or in German-speaking countries – but not only that: she is also an author, entrepreneur and television personality. Perhaps the latter is the basis of its popularity. Her first private cooking show began in the fall of 2007, she appeared regularly on the now-defunct “Lanz kocht,” was presenter and juror on “Kitchen Battle,” is part of the ARD-Buffet’s cooking team, and has been on the “Money Hunter” format. See as of 2018 also coach and jury member for “The Taste”.

The apprentice with a legend

after visiting Hotel Management School in Bavaria She started her culinary career in The legend of Chef Heinz Winkler In Aschau im Chiemgau, which at that time had three Michelin stars with its restaurant. Having completed her training, she returned to Hamburg in 1995, where she worked as a chef at the signature restaurant “Ana e Sebastiano”. Anna Sgroy hired. The restaurant no longer exists today. Cornelia Polettos is also no longer present in this model first restaurantwhich is a year 2000 She opened with her husband then. up in Hamburg-Eppendorf Located in the heart of the city, Hotel Poletto has been awarded a Michelin star from the second year of its existence until 2010. In 2006, Cornelia Poletto also received an award Eckart Witzigmann Prize In the category “Innovation, Young Restaurateur and Promotion of Young Talent”.

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private restaurants

Boleto was forced to close in 2010 because the property was sold. On June 1, 2011, Cornelia Polito opened “Cornelia Polito”Its own delicatessen with an attached restaurant. On its 10th birthday, the restaurant got a “facelift” and Chef Robert Stechman He also brings Asian and Northern influences to his Italian-Mediterranean dishes. Perhaps the Asian touch comes from Boleto’s second restaurant project: in April 2018 she started working with her co-operation partner Zwilling “The Twins of Cornelia Polito” in Shanghaime. The restaurant, which has a cooking school attached to it, is part of the world’s largest flagship store for traditional Solingen and is located in the exclusive Taikoo Hui Mall.

Cooking School & Co.

In order to impart her extensive knowledge of Italian cuisine, Cornelia Poleto started on her own at the beginning of 2013 Cucina Cornelia Poletto Cooking School. The offer ranges from beginner’s courses to master’s courses to Chef’s table – For all occasions, the chef tells her fans about her favorite recipes and products.

Boleto is a member of the association Jeunes d’Europe’s Restaurants He has also been the culinary director of the dinner show since 2014 “Castle” In In addition to restaurants and a cooking school, Boleto also runs a catering company which is Successful cookbook author. Over and over again working with reputable Cooperat aware of himself. As of 2017, she has had a nearly 2-year deal with the celebrity Champagne House Franken Pomerywhich she worked as an ambassador and certificate.

Cornelia Polito, who is also involved in many projects charity committed, is mother of a girlAfter that, her last project was named. The “Paulas” It will be somewhere between a restaurant and a cooking school and will be “a mix of chic bar and deli,” as the chef’s website describes it.

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she is forgiving Its motto is “Don’t take everything too seriously!”Humor and positive thinking Cornelia Polito said years ago in one of special significance to the chef Interview He said. Will you stay true to that with Kichen Impossible and Tim Mälzer?

Recipe tip from Cornelia Polito