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Contracting manufacturer tries to cheat Apple, loses AirPods order

Contracting manufacturer tries to cheat Apple, loses AirPods order

apple He has a problem with one of the Chinese contract manufacturers. The US group is said to have recently asked an important supplier, which was previously responsible for a large part of the production of AirPods Pro 2, to stop production – because the partner is said to have deceived Apple with false information.

Like Taiwan branch service DigiTimes Quoted by analysts Ming Chi Kuo And the Chinese gate sina Reported, that Apple ordered to stop production at contract manufacturer Goertek last week. GoerTek itself has said that a major customer has halted manufacturing of a “smart audio” product, causing the company to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in 2022.

Gortec made false statements about the percentage of defective products in production

According to a report by Sina, GoerTek has long falsified production productivity reports requested by Apple. Specifically, the contract manufacturer is said to have not provided correct information about the defect rate in its production for three years. It is conceivable that GoerTek wanted to ensure that Apple’s prestigious contract was not lost. According to Kuo, the “smart audio” product that GoerTek can no longer provide to its major customers will likely be the Apple AirPods Pro 2. Until now, Apple has always relied on two manufacturing partners to produce the premium earbuds.

With GoerTek not allowed to supply, another partner, LuxShare, has reportedly expanded its ability to bridge the gap and is now the sole manufacturer of Apple’s headphones. It is currently not clear whether GoerTek will later be able to start production of the Apple AirPods Pro 2 again or whether it will receive more orders from the US group. It’s also unclear whether Apple’s crackdown on wireless headphones could lead to poor availability of wireless headphones.

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