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Control after the violation of the Tesla construction site near Berlin - Economy -

Control after the violation of the Tesla construction site near Berlin – Economy –

Tanks were placed illegally in Grünheide
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After initiating fines procedures for uncertified tanks, the inspectors moved to the construction site of the American electric car manufacturer Tesla in Grunheide near Berlin. Environment Ministry spokesman Sebastian Arnold said Friday that the State Environment Office is conducting a comprehensive review of the entire construction site on Friday as well as the fine action.

“With this, the supervisory authority wants to ensure that after the construction of three unauthorized tanks by Tesla, no unauthorized activities have been and will not be carried out on the site,” said Arnold Tesla, who has not yet commented on the breach. .

Meanwhile, Tesla will begin delivering the Model Y mini-SUV in Europe in a few weeks. Delivery of the first cars is scheduled in Germany in August, the electric vehicle manufacturer announced. You are from Shanghai. Tesla originally wanted to start production of the Model Y at Berlin’s Grünheide in July, but the completion of the first European plant was delayed. Model Y deliveries in Europe have been announced for the third quarter.

The small SUV is a slightly larger version of Tesla’s first full-size car, the Model 3. In the second quarter, the company delivered 199,000 Model 3 and Y models, while the larger and more expensive Model S and Model X just made fewer than 2,000 Delivery.

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