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Controversial Baltic pipeline: Armin Laschet and Olaf Schultz want to shut down Nord Stream 2 if necessary

Controversial Baltic pipeline: Armin Laschet and Olaf Schultz want to shut down Nord Stream 2 if necessary

Candidates from the Federation and the Chancellor SPD Want gas shipments via the Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 2 under Russian pressure on Ukraine stop again. When the Russian president Vladimir Putin If you don’t follow the rules and use the project against Ukraine, the union’s candidate for chancellor said, “You can stop it at any time, even when the pipeline is ready.” Armin Laschet Saturday in one of ARD The Munich Security Conference organized a discussion of the Chancellor’s candidates.

After that, the “commercial basis” for German approval of the project will not apply. The Social Democratic candidate for the position of chancellor said: “The obstruction of gas transportation and security for Ukraine has consequences for the possible transfer of the then-completed pipeline.” Olaf Schulz. Both described the pipeline as an economic affair and called for the nearly $1 billion project to be completed.

In contrast, the candidate rejected the green chancellor Annala Barbuk Complete the pipeline. Putin’s calculations were to build the pipeline first and then put pressure on the West, with its dependence on Russian gas, and on Ukraine.

Nord Stream 2 is expected to bring more Russian gas to Western Europe. Both Eastern European countries and United States of America criticize the project.

Chancellor candidates agree: EU foreign policy veto to end by 2025

In addition, Chancellor candidates from the Union, the Green Party and the SPD agreed that the veto power of the 27 member states on EU foreign policy should be lapsed by 2025. Both Schulz and Lachette said moving to a majority vote without making changes to the union treaty The European one would be possible if all 27 EU governments agreed. But there are doubts about this because some EU countries have already refused.

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In addition, Schultz stood behind the Chancellor’s move Angela Merkel And the French president Emmanuel Macron to the European UnionRussia-summit. The Secretary of the Treasury indicated that the US President also Joe Biden Speak directly to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Barbock accused the Union and the Social Democrats of placing an excessive focus on economic considerations in foreign policy. You have about people in Hong Kong Let’s stand in the rain. The import of forced labor products into the European Union is not permitted.