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Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 im . Test

Corsairs Dominator now also as DDR5

Dominator has been a household name among PC fans for years. The Advanced Memory Module series is probably one of the most popular model names in PC memory. RAM has repeatedly adapted to function cell directions over time. At the start of DDR2/3 times, it was mainly about low latency, because increasing the clock rate was less of a focus at that time. RAM-OC later became modern and with DDR4 clock rates actually rose, with Dominator DDR4 up to 4000MHz, to be later replaced by RGB noise. Of course, Corsair Dominator units also participated in this, for example in the form of a file Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB White Or Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB, which one can undoubtedly call the best RAM modules with lighting.

With the launch of new Intel CPUs, DDR5 is now in the software and the hunt for high clock rates begins again, with the first units carefully starting from the bottom as usual. Below, with DDR5 that means at least 4800MHz, which is where the usual DDR4 modules stop. As expected, Corsair is sending its flagship car right into the race at the start, which we want to take a closer look at here in the form of the 5200MHz Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB.

The new Dominator modules are easily recognizable as such, as they are visual twins of the DDR4 versions. As before, there is a distinct all-round brace along with the aluminum cooling plates. Noble materials such as forged aluminum with anodizing or zinc alloy die-casting with small arc oxidation are of course also part of the game. Corsair uses the same heat spreader as well as the same RGB setup as with DDR4. But of course there is an entirely new technology under the hood.

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Corsair uses patented DHX cooling technology for its Dominator units, which keeps both memory chips and ground planes cool. Multi-zone RGB lighting is equipped with 12 CAPELLIX RGB LEDs, which are known to have better luminance and color rendering with lower power consumption than traditional LED lights. Like all RGB products, the Dominator units are controlled by CORSAIR’s iCUE software. Since the lighting is fully compatible with the DDR4 version, we refer to our article on this topic DDR4 ControllerWhere we looked at lighting in detail.

The two most interesting innovations in DDR4 memory relate to. On the other hand, the DDR5 module has two channels, unlike only one with DDR4, and the voltage converter for the RAM modules moves from the motherboard to the RAM.

DDR5 memories require less power because the voltage here in the standard drops from 1.2 to 1.1 volts. This makes the modules more energy efficient, although many OCs will raise the voltage again, as was the case with DDR4. For example, the Dominator unit operates at 5200MHz at 1.25V. The fact that the power supply is now directly on the module makes the modules more independent of the quality of the motherboard and the manufacturer can also better apply the power supply to the modules. They have set requirements. This means that in the future there should be fewer “startup issues” with motherboards and better compatibility, especially with RAM with a significantly higher clock rate.

For our testing of the new modules, we are using a 2×16 GB kit with product number CMT32GX5M2B5200C38, DDR5-5200, CL38-38-38-84.

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