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PS5 Pro is in development at Sony

PS5 Pro is in development at Sony

If the current generation of consoles is following a similar path as the previous one, improved versions of the consoles should appear at some point. There has been speculation about this before. It is now claimed that at least Sony is already working on a PS5 Pro.

Internal gaming sources claim that Sony has a PS5 Pro in development. In fact, it will be released early next year, which is a huge change from previous speculation that there would be no PS5 Pro at all. However, the release is not expected until the end of 2024, so it will still be some time before it hits stores.

This PS5 Pro is not the same console rumors have been circulating for a while. It’s a PS5 with a removable drive that doesn’t change the console’s capabilities. One source describes this console as “just the beginning” of the new PlayStation in this generation.

What are the PS5 Pro specifications?

It is not known exactly how the PS5 Pro will be improved compared to the current console. For example, no hardware specifications have been leaked yet. However, a patent has recently surfaced in the name of PlayStation engineer Mark Cerny that describes accelerated ray tracing. This patent was originally thought to apply to the PS6, but it could also apply to the PS5 Pro.

Incidentally, Insider Gaming also claims to have heard something about the PS6. In fact, this console won’t launch until 2028 at the earliest. This would put the PS5 Pro roughly in the middle of the generation, which is of course suitable for such an upgrade.

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