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Costume difficulties: Heidi Klum gives a glimpse into her Halloween party

Costume difficulties: Heidi Klum gives a glimpse into her Halloween party

Halloween lovers Heidi Klum According to her own words, she had such great difficulties with her costume this time that the entire scary night was in jeopardy. The 50-year-old actress, who has been known for her Halloween parties and unusual costumes for many years, recently told an American magazine: “I was going through a really tough time. Things went wrong, and some things didn’t work out.” the people.

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The model explained that sometimes there were bright spots, and then things went “terribly” again. Klum stated that she thought about giving up and not appearing at her own concert this year. “I thought to myself, ‘Maybe I won’t come at all, and you’ll act like I’m there,'” Klum said.

“I don’t have a plan B, so I can’t come in. I have to call in sick that day,” Klum told herself. But now she is optimistic again: “It will work out.”

The secret of the outfit

On Instagram, she now has about 11.5 million followers who are in the mood for the spooky festival. In the video, you can see someone drawing a portrait of Klum with charcoal – in the background there is music typical of horror films. “Heidi Klum Halloween, coming soon,” she says.

Halloween is on October 31st. Klum’s amazing and elaborate Halloween costumes are eagerly awaited every year.

Last year, it became a hit on social media as a giant worm. Before that, she had turned into a werewolf, an alien, or a much older version of herself.

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