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County: How are you spending your anniversary?

County: How are you spending your anniversary?

We asked Spital how married couples celebrate their anniversary.

Al-Basqa neighborhood. Anniversary is a special day for many married couples. Here you can find out how some married couples spend their day together.

Judith Ladenige Tiddell and Marcus Tiddell

“We got married on January 11, 2017. The best wedding day was actually the first on January 11, 2018. My husband surprised me that night with a healthy weekend. He organized everything himself so we could spend the weekend at the four-star Wellness Hotel Kaprun In Zell am See. My husband isn’t really the great organizer, but he and Grandma have been able to accommodate the little one and the other two kids. I was so pleased he put so much effort into our anniversary. We’ve been doing this every anniversary since.”

Doris and Willibald Untermosser

“We got married on October 22, 1976 and I still remember our 30th wedding anniversary as it was yesterday. We traveled together to Fuerteventura. We spent a week vacation there, visited churches together (one of my interests) and my husband tried to surf with enthusiasm. We also took trips across the island. We also celebrate We celebrate our wedding every year and go out for a fancy meal or go on a little trip.”

Isabella and Helmut Haim

“My husband and I got married in 1985. Despite the beauty of the wedding day, we don’t celebrate that anniversary. We don’t really care about the one day of the year when our birthday ‘should’ be celebrated. The most important thing for us is to have a healthy and happy relationship. We go out to eat together or do something, it doesn’t matter what day it is. My husband and I don’t dedicate one day a year to celebrate our being together, but instead see every day that we are having a great time as a couple as enriching.”

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