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Economics, Trade and Finance: Vienna Stocks Conclusion: ATX closing hardly changes

Economy, Trade and Finance: Vienna Stocks Bottom line: Verbund shares lose 3.4 percent

Internationally, new studies on the Omikron variant have resulted in less anxious lines among investors. According to studies, the omicron coronavirus variant is much more contagious than the delta variant, but it may lead to less severe disease cycles.

In Vienna, the reporting situation at the company level was very poor. Many investors would have also closed their order books towards the end of the year, if lower turnover was justified.

Under pressure from electricity suppliers, Verbund shares lost 3.4 percent. the EVN– Shareholders had to subtract minus 1.5 percent.

Do & Co stock climbed to the top of the list of winners with an increase of 3.8 percent. Behind them, UNIQA prices are up 2.7 percent. The three heavyweight banks went in different directions. While BAWAG shareholders were able to post a 0.9% increase, Raiffeisen Bank International was 0.3% cheaper. Erste Group’s papers entered the Christmas holidays with flat percentages.

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