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Courage for Sustainability: ‘Apotheke an der Wien’ is now climate neutral

Courage for Sustainability: ‘Apotheke an der Wien’ is now climate neutral

Vienna now has a climate-neutral pharmacy located in Hetzing. President Caroline Fraundorfer explains how it happened.

Vienna / Hietzing. Pharmacy and climate neutral, is this possible? Hietzinger Kai 143’s “Apotheke an der Wien” answers with a definite “yes.” “We are the first climate-neutral pharmacy in Vienna,” says Boss. Caroline Fraundorfer proud. She and her team have been on the road with a new climate timeline for over a year, As the area newspaper reported at the time:

The Apotheke an der Wien is now fully sustainable

“As an environmental business partner of Vienna and Climate Austria, we acted climate-neutral in 2022 and set ourselves realistic goals for the near future,” reveals Frauendorfer. This includes calculating and offsetting the pharmacy’s CO2 consumption within the team and with the assistance of an independent Environmental Officer.

First steps towards sustainability

“Years ago, I thought it just wasn’t possible for a pharmacy,” Fraundorfer says in a blog post on the pharmacy’s website. But then she got support from an independent consultant and the Environmental Service Package of the City of Vienna.

It was started over a year ago with the short-term goal of making energy consumption and CO2 emissions as transparent as a pharmacy. Frauendorfer also wanted to broaden the focus in an area of ​​technical expertise: on “climate-related diseases”, such as cardiovascular disease.

Strong teamwork

With its software company, the team created software that suggests appropriate medications that affect body thermoregulation during client consultations. These can, for example, reduce excessive sweating. The pharmacy team sees it as their mission to be able to offer customers the best possible advice on the subject of heat exhaustion.

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The team has not only solved the issue of climate neutrality with good cooperation within the company: “Permanent exchange is also necessary with our business partners, such as wholesalers, direct suppliers, landlords and printer,” says Fraundorfer. But the efforts were and still are in vain, and the pharmacy team would like to show this to others.

More information about the climate-neutral pharmacy in Vienna is available

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