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New 2024 BETA RR Enduro models:

New 2024 BETA RR Enduro models:

RR MY 2024 themed “Ride it out and have fun”: the new RR 2 / 4T My24 from Rignano sull’Arno are bikes that keep unchanged many of the characteristics that brought them the success of last season, but with some important innovations that affect the entire range And with some specific interventions in certain displacement classes, to standardize the entire RR range level at the top.

Working closely with world enduro champions Brad Freeman and Steve Holcombe, Beta has introduced some new features for the 2024 RR 2T-4T My that enhance the already highly regarded characteristics of previous versions, both in terms of engine and chassis. It is still the idea of ​​the technicians from Rignano sull’Arno to make their bikes more, more manageable and at the same time more powerful. So there are no fundamental changes in this new model year, but a series of improvements to enhance all the good qualities that characterize each model.

Everything is rounded off by a new graphic design that gives the entire lineup an uncompromising racing look.

The range is still made up of 8 different models, each with its own character, and able to satisfy the different needs of drivers. There is a perfect RR for every rider, but what they all have in common is the confidence these bikes can instill, entirely in the interest of riding pleasure. The salient features of each version can be summarized as follows:

0603 beta2t 250 3006

2-stroke models:

125 cc

Smaller, lighter and more maneuverable than the Beta. The model with a true racing look is well suited for young entry-level drivers as well as for experts looking for driving fun.

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200 cc

The chassis and engine come from the younger sister and ensure very low weight and excellent handling with significantly higher torque and power values. Thanks to the hybrid system and electric starter, the motorcycle leaves nothing to be desired and makes the enduro’s heart beat faster.

0603 beta2t 2001

250 cc

Ideal for those looking for a two-stroke bike with a smoother character and slightly lower torque and power values ​​compared to the most powerful model version, ensuring excellent handling.

300 cc

For lovers of large engines with outstanding torque in all speed ranges. The perfect bike for anyone who likes to get up to speed.

0603 beta2t 250 3004


350 cc

The bike with the easiest handling in the four-stroke model range. It often runs at higher revs and still delivers a very linear power delivery.


The perfect combination of handling and power with the best traction as its trump card.

0603 beta4t9

430 cc

An engine with impressive performance and best results when the long gear ratio and high torque are fully exploited.

480 cc

This bike feels more comfortable on fast trails. Its characteristics are similar to the 430cc model, but with more torque and power, it is suitable for experienced pilots with suitable physical condition.

0603 beta4t2

Here is an overview of the updates the 2024 RR My range has received:

For all models:

Graphics: The MY24 departs from the simple and basic design that characterized its predecessor. Now comes an all-new graphic with a bold, geometric, and modern cut. This is achieved thanks to the skilful use of the primary colors of red, white and black (typical on this model), with protective covers and bezels in the distinctive Beta Red that blend in perfectly.

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Saddle: The foam that makes up the seat has been modified in terms of geometry and density to provide greater comfort for the driver. The larger contact surface and changed material composition now gives the rider a more comfortable point of contact with the bike.

Suspension: Aside from the continuous fine-tuning of the suspension system, the 24-Year models feature lighter fork tubes, particularly in the bottom liner clutch area. The revised handling of the fork tube is intended to allow for tuned flex, resulting in better ease of motion when cushioning bumps and thus noticeably increased sensitivity and comfort.

Brakes: The front brake system has been improved in terms of the brake hose. The protective sleeve is now better secured by double crimping (top and bottom, previously just bottom), which makes the brake hose cap more resistant to the constant stresses it is subjected to.

-Radiator: The 250 and 300 2-strokes and the entire 4-stroke range receive new, lighter and more robust radiators, with trays designed at the top, allowing the bike to achieve a higher steering angle. The new radiators, which allow a better circulation of water, which has a positive effect on the cooling of the vehicle, are equipped with more reinforcement and also with a new cover, no longer made of plastic material, which is more resistant and shock-resistant.

Apart from the interventions on the entire range, specific innovations were introduced in some models that set new standards for both the 2-stroke and 4-stroke range.

0603 beta2t 250 3005

in detail:

RR 300 2T

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– Crankshaft bearings: The 300 two-stroke is now equipped with different, more resistant and better performing roller bearings than the previous model, improving engine reliability.


– Traction control: Traction control takes a decisive step forward in its development. Thus, the special appointments have been improved by Betamore technicians, who have developed a new, more precise type of traction intervention in order to be as timely as possible in their work and to avoid unnecessary or too invasive cuts.

– Filter housing: The filter housing housing has been modified in terms of geometries and thus the airflow to the engine, in order to deliver more power at medium to high engine speeds while maintaining the torque at lower speeds obtained with the intake manifold current exhaust. This novelty makes it possible to obtain a full and powerful power delivery along the entire curve.

Availability: June

Link: Specs BETA RR MY 2024

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