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Courage: The new Lotus map brings revolving doors, destructible walls, and silent pillars into play

Courage: The new Lotus map brings revolving doors, destructible walls, and silent pillars into play

On January 10th, Valorant will begin Chapter 1 Episode VI. The biggest innovation is the “Lotus” map, which you can find in the map collection starting tomorrow. It is modeled after the lost cities and represents India.

Tomorrow kids, there will be something

Inspired by traditional Indian staircases and rock-cut Dravidian architecture, Lotus features revolving doors, a destructible wall, and a silent pillar. The map contains three regions in total.

“We wanted to explore the idea of ​​great adventures, ancient mysteries and ancient lost structures. Indiana Jones was one of our biggest inspirations. Visually, we were fascinated by the architecture carved into the rock because it gives a mystical mood to the theme. It also led us to compare in a new direction with our existing maps, as most of them are in Mostly urban or feature modern architecture,” said Brian Yam, Art Lead at Riot Games.

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The Battle Pass for 1000 VP also brings momentum to the new stat. Among the rewards this time around are banners, titles, charms, sprays and a new skin series that should please cat lovers very much.

This year we’re focusing on the unity and teamwork that are so central to VALORANT, but with a fun twist of course. With the 9 Life line skin, you can create a full team where all Agents are cats. Elements like the Lucky Charm graffiti and New Year’s Eve celebration New Years and celebrations with family and friends. The Amulet of Peace and Love was also developed with this theme of unity and teamwork in mind,” explains Laura Baltzer, Producer at Riot Games.

You can also purchase an Araxys pack from the store, which provides you with dark skins for Vandal, Operator, Shorty, Bulldog, and Meelee. Skins should embody something mysterious, inhuman, almost extraterrestrial. They were once led by an “aggressive and dangerous alien race”.

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