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+ Apple Fitness: Kickboxing, Foo Fighters, and Walking with Jamie Lee Curtis

+ Apple Fitness: Kickboxing, Foo Fighters, and Walking with Jamie Lee Curtis

Image: Apple

Apple will expand Fitness+ (test) from January 9, 2023 with kickboxing, another type of training. In addition, a new sleep-centric meditation theme is introduced, Beyoncé joins Artists in the Spotlight, and Time to Go welcomes new guests.

Kickboxing moves

Full body cardio training kickboxing is designed to train strength, endurance, coordination and balance. In each exercise, different movement sequences are learned, which are combined into a final round at a one-minute interval. No equipment or training partner required for new training. Training sessions last 10, 20 or 30 minutes. Among the trainers are Jimmy Ray Hartshorn, who trained and competed professionally in Muay Thai in Thailand, and Thai boxer Nez Daly. She’s also one of three new trainers on Fitness+, with the addition of Brian Cochrane for HIIT and Jenn Lau for Kraft in January.

Apple Fitness +: New Coach Nez Daly
Apple Fitness +: new trainer Nez Dally (Photo: Apple)
+ Apple Fitness: New Trainer Jane Lau
Apple Fitness +: new trainer Jenn Lau (Photo: Apple)
Apple Fitness +: New Coach Brian Cochrane
Apple Fitness +: new trainer Brian Cochrane (Photo: Apple)

A new topic for sleep meditation

With the new Sleep Meditation theme, the tenth theme has been added to the Meditation Library. To help you get started with meditation, a new program called Introduction to Sleep Meditations is presented, designed to help you relax before bed and help you sleep better. The program consists of four meditations of 20 minutes each ending with five minutes of relaxing music. New sleep meditations are added every week and each exercise can be done as part of a relaxation routine.

Spotlight artist with Beyoncé, Foo Fighters, and Bad Bunny

The Artist In The Spotlight series, which features a workout playlist dedicated to a single artist, expands on January 9 with new workouts featuring Beyoncé’s music. Seven new workouts featuring the singer’s music will be available in the areas of HIIT, strength, treadmill, pilates, cycling, dance, and yoga. Two more artists will be added later this month, Foo Fighters on January 16th and Bad Bunny on January 23rd.

+ Apple Fitness: artists in the Foo Fighters spotlight
Apple Fitness +: Artists Spotlight Foo Fighters (Image: Apple)
Apple Fitness +: Artist in Beyoncé's Spotlight
Apple Fitness +: artist in Beyoncé’s spotlight (Image: Apple)
+ Apple Fitness: artists in the Bad Bunny spotlight
Apple Fitness +: Artists in the Spotlight Bad Bunny (Image: Apple)

“Time to Go” with Jamie Lee Curtis

Time to Go season 5 kicks off with new guests telling their stories as they go, including actress Jamie Lee Curtis, late-night talk show host Amber Ruffin, Olympic figure skating champion Nathan Chen, actor Jason Segel, and German actress Nina Hoss.

+ Apple Fitness: Time to go with Jamie Lee Curtis
Apple Fitness +: Time to go with Jamie Lee Curtis (Image: Apple)

Two new sets

In addition, Fitness + will introduce two new collections. This is content compiled from the service’s catalog to achieve specific goals. Suitable for the beginning of the year, these two are “6 Weeks to Get Back in Shape” and “Level Up Your Core” which uses dumbbells. The former collection will be available from January 9, and the last from January 23.

Apple Fitness +: Groups
Apple Fitness +: combos (Image: Apple)

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