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Court orders Telegram ban in Brazil

Court orders Telegram ban in Brazil

DrThe Supreme Court of Brazil has ordered the nationwide blocking of the Telegram messaging service due to violations of judicial decisions and the President Jair Bolsonaro And so he turned on himself. On Friday (local time) the court said on Twitter that the decision was made at the request of the Federal Police. The background is investigations with a blogger close to Bolsonaro.

Ahead of the October presidential elections, the head of state, his sons, his ministers and his advisors are increasingly using Telegram to get their political messages out to the people. Bolsonaro wants to secure another term in the elections. Banning Telegram will make it difficult for the populist to communicate with his followers.

Bolsonaro called the judge’s decision at an event in Rio Branco “unacceptable.” “Because he hasn’t been able to reach two or three people he thinks should be banned from Telegram, he’s targeting 70 million people,” Bolsonaro said.

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