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Moscow talks about using hypersonic missiles again

According to Moscow, the Russian armed forces have again used hypersonic missiles in Ukraine. Today, the Russian Defense Ministry said that Kinzal (Dagger) missiles destroyed a fuel and lubricant storage facility for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Mykolaiv region. According to Moscow, the new weapons system was used for the first time on Friday.

The ministry said the missiles used to attack the camp near Mykolaiv were fired from the airspace over Crimea. In addition, cruise missiles of the Kalibr type were launched from the Caspian Sea. At the time of the attack, Moscow did not provide any information.

From the base under attack, the Ukrainian army organized most of the fuel deliveries for its armored vehicles in the south of the country. The Defense Ministry also said that “high-precision missiles” were fired at a training center for Ukrainian special forces in the Zhytomyr region, west of Kyiv. “More than 100 members of the (Ukrainian) special forces and foreign mercenaries were killed in this strike,” he added.

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