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Covid: The global race against Delta has begun

Covid: The global race against Delta has begun

The delta type of coronavirus, first detected in India, is spreading around the world: in the previous week, it was already responsible for 25 percent of new infections in Austria. In a few weeks, the delta variant could dominate 90 percent of local events.

Health Minister Wolfgang Mokstein emphasized only today: “Vaccines now give us more freedom step by step. To be able to carry them from summer to autumn, it is important to continue vaccinations constantly.”

However, if you look across state borders, it currently appears that there is a race against the Delta Virus variant. Many fear that the planned easing will soon be reversed.

New infections have been increasing in Israel for about a week, even though 55 percent of the 9.3 million Israelis have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus. Many contracted with the more aggressive delta variant. The Leibniz Institute for Research in Prevention and Epidemiology in Bremen, Germany, expressed concern over the weekend about developments in Israel.

In Israel, children are particularly affected by new infections

According to investigations by the Israeli Ministry of Health, about 90 percent of newly infected people have the more aggressive delta type – and about half are vaccinated. Most of those infected are children.

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