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UnternehmerTUM opened and the Munich City Urban Colab

MUNICH, March 23 /PRNewswire/) A global place for smart city solutions

After only two years of construction, the Munich Urban Collab A globally unique venue for smart city solutions in the heart of Munich has officially opened. The UnternehmerTUM initiative, Europe’s largest startup hub, and state capital Munich brings together diverse forces under one roof: startups, established companies, science and talent, creatives and artists work here alongside city management and citizens on sustainable solutions for the livable city of the future. In addition to Susanne Klatten, Chair of the Supervisory Board of UnternehmerTUM, Mayor of Munich Dieter Reiter, President of the Technical University of Munich, Thomas F. Hoffmann, State Minister Roland Weigert, and President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, also spoke at the mixed opening ceremony. The Munich Urban Colab contributes to the EU Commission’s “New European Bauhaus” initiative, which aims to combine design, sustainability, inclusion and innovation in order to contribute to the implementation of the European Green Deal.

Every second person lives in the city today – and the number is growing. The coronavirus pandemic has made it clear how urgently questions related to urban life, mobility or public spaces need to be discussed. Sustainable solutions to the challenges associated with urbanization open up huge economic potential, which should be better promoted in Munich: with the Munich Urban Colab, constructed by UnternehmerTUM together with the state capital of Munich, there is now a new central location for innovation, start-up scene and creative industries.

The building aims to attract startups, bright minds, innovative companies and science from around the world in order to find answers to urban challenges together. Users benefit from UnternehmerTUM’s many expertise in creating start-ups, access to city management, direct exchange with experts from technology and business, venture capital firms, and dialogue with citizens.

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At Colab, future topics relevant to smart cities such as construction, climate protection, sustainability or mobility are addressed through initiatives from UnternehmerTUM, the state capital and Technical University of Munich. The state capital provides users with unique access to the entire city family and other affiliates.

In order to meet its ambitious goals, the Munich Urban Collab is part of the European Union Commission’s new European Bauhaus initiative. EU President Ursula von der Leyen Kollab is an important place to implement the goals and visions of her Bauhaus Initiative and to inculcate central European values ​​in the long term with the help of sustainable technology innovations and open discourse.

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