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Criminal hackers threaten nuclear company in US

Another important company was the victim of a hacker attack. During this time, criminal hackers stole data from a company that advises the U.S. government on nuclear weapons.

One American company, Soul Oriens, was killed Ransomware-As an attack. This has been reported by various American media. Soul Oriens advises U.S. authorities. Among other things, Soul Orion works for the National Atomic Energy Agency (NNSA).

The company is responsible for maintaining US nuclear weapons. According to a job post, Soul Orion is looking for someone who can help the NNSA with its “complex nuclear weapons defense program,” the CNBC news channel reported.

At CNBC’s request, Soul Oriens confirmed a cyber attack in May, which affected the company’s network. Soul Oriens said the incident is still being investigated. However, at present “there are no indications that this incident affects classified or critical security related information from customers.”

Criminals threaten to send data

According to media reports, the criminal hacker group Revolt is behind the attack. Among other things, he was responsible for the attack on JBS, the world’s largest meat company. More about this Read here. The perpetrators are also said to be behind the attacks On the apple Or Acer is stuck. I was on July 13 in GermanyD Infrastructure The southwestern financial aid agency of the German Red Cross was hit by the attack. The team is active Darknet His own blog where he reports successful attacks.

The ransomware on which blackmailers rely is called Revil (also known as Sodinocby). The Malware First detected in May 2019 and encrypts data primarily on the victim’s device. Copy from January 2020 Criminals Important data is behind the malware and threatens to sell it. If the victim does not pay a certain amount of ransom. Depending on the company, criminals can demand millions of euros. For example, meat company JBS paid a ransom of $ 11 million to retrieve its data.

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According to Soul Orient, blackmailers are threatening to “send relevant documents and data to military officers of our choice.” The group behind Revil is believed to be operating from Russia or another former Soviet state.