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Jur Rose is bringing stage experts from the United States

According to Sur Ross, Nutaki has the best prerequisites with his deep, professional knowledge and many years of technical experience. Kaiser, 49, has held executive positions at Permanent Healthcare for twelve years, most recently as head of the “Digital Health Applications and Platforms” division. Prior to that, he worked for three years as CDO and Global Digital Head at American International Group (AIG) Insurance Company in New York.

He is currently the global leader in customer experience and integrated car at Nissan Motor Corporation in Japan. Nutaki holds a master’s degree in computer engineering from Iowa State University and a management business management program at the Warden School of Management at the University of Pennsylvania.

“As part of our position as a comprehensive healthcare provider and leading technology company, the technological foundation and digital innovation are of strategic importance,” says CEO Walter Oberhansley. “So I’m very happy to have been able to beat the wine cellar for the CDO position. As a highly qualified leader in an international environment, he is a valuable and optimal addition to the existing board of directors.”

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