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Crisis in Venezuela: Government and Opposition Talk Again

Crisis in Venezuela: Government and Opposition Talk Again

Status: 27.11.2022 00:01

In Venezuela, there has been no dialogue between the government and the opposition for almost a year. This has now changed. Goal: Restoring access to frozen state funds. The US has already withdrawn the first sanctions.

Venezuela’s government and opposition have resumed talks after more than a year and agreed to humanitarian cooperation. Representatives from both sides signed a partial agreement in front of reporters in Mexico City. Among other things, it provides for joint efforts to achieve the release of frozen state funds due to international sanctions to finance emergency social expenditures.

The government and the opposition have adopted a joint application to the United Nations. So the UN should manage a fund to help provide health, food and education to the country’s poor.

The US government eased the first sanctions

At that time, the US government announced that it would ease restrictions on Chevron Oil Company in Venezuela. A senior U.S. official told reporters by phone that the Treasury Department had granted Chevron a temporary permit to allow the U.S. company to resume limited mineral exploration in the South American country.

However, the US government reserves the right to withdraw the easing at any time if Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro does not negotiate in good faith or fulfill promises.

US, EU and Canadian foreign ministers have welcomed the move

In a joint statement, the foreign ministers of the United States, Great Britain and Canada and EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell welcomed the resumption of negotiations and a humanitarian agreement – but not without demands.

We call on the parties to work in good faith for a comprehensive agreement that will lead to free and fair elections in 2024, restore democratic institutions and end the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

Venezuela has been in crisis for years

Under Maduro’s authoritarian rule, Venezuela has been in a deep political, economic and humanitarian crisis for years. Opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself interim president in early 2019 and tried to oust Maduro from office.

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Last year, through the mediation of Norway, a dialogue was launched in Mexico The government collapsed two months later in October. The reason was the extradition of one of Maduro’s confidants to the United States.