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Soccer brought Iran and America closer for 90 minutes

Soccer brought Iran and America closer for 90 minutes

But Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, issued an order not to approach the Americans under any circumstances. The organizers know how to resolve this diplomatically. After all, despite all the political accusations, especially in Iran, there were very friendly minutes before the game. With a joint photo and bouquet for American kickers. Iran captain Jalal Talebi walked into the American dugout and smiled and shook hands with coach Steve Sampson.

Jersey change

Thousands of spectators inside the stadium displayed political banners and messages against the Iranian regime during the match. Clashes broke out between Iran fans and demonstrators. Security forces were on hand during the match.

39,100 spectators finally saw Iran beat 2-1. At the end, friendly words and clothes were exchanged. At least a football game is a break from deadly feuds. “We’ve done more in 90 minutes than the politicians have done in 20 years,” US defense attorney Jeff Agus said later. After two games, both teams were eliminated from the tournament. But in Iran the victory was celebrated as a title for a long time.

The meeting in Qatar will also be held again on Tuesday.

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