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Criticism of Sharpe Schönborn for burning the Koran – Austria

Criticism of Sharpe Schönborn for burning the Koran – Austria

Burning the Qur’an in Sweden: Schoenborn Criticized.
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Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn criticized the public burning of the Quran in Sweden.

“In my opinion, book burning is always reprehensible, because it reminds us of the darkest times in our history,” the Archbishop of Vienna said on Twitter on Saturday. Schonborn pointed out that the burning of the Qur’an in Sweden last week led to sharp criticism in Islamic countries.

Schönborn was critical

Destroying holy books, whatever the religion, is “an act of bigotry and hate that tramples on our basic Christian and civic values,” Schönborn continued his criticism in a Twitter post.

Burning the Qur’an in Sweden

And in a demonstration in Stockholm last Wednesday, a Koran was set on fire for the first time in months. A man sets fire to a copy of Islam’s holy writings in front of a mosque. The police had earlier agreed to the protest after banning other acts of this nature in February. Swedish courts ruled that the police had no right to refuse permission to burn the Quran. Deliberately violating the sanctity of the Qur’an is considered blasphemous in Islam, and many Muslim countries threaten it with penalties.

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