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More than 100 energy venues open their doors on the “Long Energy Day” – Styria

More than 100 energy venues open their doors on the “Long Energy Day” – Styria

Graz (May 2, 2024).- What do a solar power plant literally on the roof of Styria, the amazing power plants on the Mür, or even amazing wind farms have in common? On June 22, along with more than 100 other energy venues, they will open their doors to interested Styrian residents. With energy independence and regional energy supply being on everyone's lips in recent years, the State of Styria, together with Energie Steiermark and many other partners, is committed to making the energy transition accessible and tangible to as many Styrian residents as possible. Therefore, on the initiative of State Councilor Ursula Lackner, the Long Energy Day will be organized for the second time on June 22nd – with a new record number of participating sites and many amazing ideas for young and old.

There is no alternative to phasing out fossil fuels and the associated energy transition in order to ensure a secure and affordable energy supply in the future. On the way to climate neutrality, 100% of Styria's electricity needs (in balance) must be covered by renewable sources within just six years, and by 2050, the entire energy requirement must be met in a climate-neutral manner. From innovative ice storage to countless renewable energy plants to research centers, Styria is on the right track. Because according to the current energy report, renewable energy production has never been this high.

An essential element of the success of the energy transition is the support of the people of Styria. On the one hand, they should directly benefit from this expansion, but on the other hand, accessibility is also an essential aspect. Because energy generation, distribution and storage systems are very exciting technical systems and can be inspiring. With the “Long Energy Day” launched by State Chancellor Ursula Lackner, the unique project in Austria is now entering its second round. More than 100 energy venues across the country open their doors to Styrian residents and offer a unique look behind the scenes.

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The website serves as a central platform for planning trips
From information about all sites to registration for guided tours to planning (including route planning) on ​​the day of the event: the central web platform It offers all relevant information gathered in one place. From today, it is possible for Styrian residents to plan (direct) their own “long energy day”.

Invitation to participate
“Have you always wanted to know where the energy in Styria actually comes from and where Styria plays a leading role everywhere? Would you like a behind-the-scenes look at exciting systems? Then come along to the Long Energy Day. Whether they are family or interested adults – there Something for everyone all over Styria!” Invite State Councilor Ursula Lackner and Styrian Energy Board members Christiane Borer and Martin Graf to participate in the long energy day. Participation is free, of course.

Ursula Lackner, State Counselor: “We have to get out of oil and gas – in order to protect the climate and our independence. Even if Styria is moving step by step in the right direction, there is of course still much to be done in this huge task. We can only succeed in this if we take the people of Styria with us on this journey. Good conditions for this are on the table. Because energy transformation is a very exciting topic and can inspire you! That is why we cordially invite the people of Styria to take a look behind the scenes and experience the energy up close on the “Long Energy Day”. Resident participation is an essential element in controlling the energy transition.

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Christian Borer and Martin Graf, Energy Styria Board Team: “As a state energy company, it is natural for us to be part of this initiative. The Long Energy Day provides a stage for vital projects that, as a whole, contribute to a sustainable Styria. Visitors can go behind the scenes Our diverse sustainability projects and learning first-hand about renewable energy and innovative technologies We see that raising awareness and open dialogue with all stakeholders is key to achieving the energy transition Over the next few years, Energie Steiermark will invest approximately 2.5 billion euros in expanding Renewable energy sources and carbon dioxide.2– Free energy production and modernization of the electricity network, which is approximately 30 thousand kilometers long.

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Graz, May 2, 2024