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"Crohn" - Interview - Sweeney & Bailey: Creative Working-Class-Super Wolf

“Crohn” – Interview – Sweeney & Bailey: Creative Working-Class-Super Wolf

I have been playing songs from “Superwolves” some time ago in front of a small, select audience that doesn’t even know what to expect. What do you like about this way of presenting new materials?
The last time we played in front of a very intimate audience, but we got to know a lot of people in person, which actually makes it even more intimate. We played it in the Louisville Recording Store and there wasn’t much space. We always do it this way whenever we can. But why, in fact, will?
Oldham: It is a wonderful and necessary part of our personal craze. Do you know the feeling when you play your favorite song in the car because you want to play it for your passenger and suddenly the power changes? The passenger may not react as desired or not react at all and not understand why, as it is the best song in the world. Suddenly it was no longer there and everything turned around. This is the way to live, too. Every audience in the audience has the value of completely changing a song. For us, this is a test of how much we like the song ourselves when others interact with it – or not.
Sweeney: The interviews are really fun because I and Will never analyze the music we make together as closely as we should in conversations. We both really appreciate listening to music without much context. We play things for each other without giving any explanation. This is how we do it in these carriages, where we accuse the audience of something that they do not know and cannot classify. You can then immediately see what’s going on, and for me this is one of the best ways to feel new music. I went to the wrong party once in 2002 because it happened to me. There were men on stage performing bass solos and at that moment it was the best thing I had ever seen. It was surprising and unexpected and that was cool. We want to surprise people because this is how they open their eyes and ears.

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