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Jennifer Garner reacts to love rumors about Affleck and Lopez

Jennifer Garner reacts to love rumors about Affleck and Lopez

Meanwhile, an interesting rumor is spreading anyway: This is what is being said, among other things PeopleMagazine that itself Affleck is currently back with his ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez Meets. Accordingly, the two should have been around Villa Lopez this past weekend Seen in Los Angeles. “They’ve spent time together over the past week,” an unnamed source told the magazine. “You have a lot of love for each other. You have always valued each other so much.”

A second chance for Bennifer?

Although they have been going their separate ways for 17 yearsAnd the They both remained friends the whole time. So far, only Lopez and Affleck themselves know if they can imagine the return of love. According to some other media reports, the two should have no romantic intentions and get along well with purely platonic terms. Either way, one would obviously not have a problem, even if the two approached a second time.

A source spoke across the street Entertainment tonight That is, Jennifer Garner is not upset that the father of her children spends time with his ex-fiancée. “Jin doesn’t mind if Ben is hanging out with J Lo or someone else. She wants the best for him.” Shared parenting and the happiness of their children is a top priority for Garner.

Ben Affleck And the Jennifer Garner She has always been considered one of the greats A dream of a married couple Hollywood. The Divorce He regretted for a long time, as he once said The New York Times advertiser. Accordingly, his “compulsive behavior” sometimes ended the relationship he still maintained against himself today.

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