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Crossing with Alvorn

05/03/22 Whoever said Alvorn had to say Fritz Moshammer. He knew how to derive wonderful and unusual tones from this ancient folk musical instrument. He involved himself and his machines in projects and performances of all kinds.

By Reinhard Kirschbaum

Personal Remembrance: At least twenty years ago, the Steriart Festival invited people to a two-day country picnic at St Lambrecht Abbey. Round the clock music and a really uncomfortable night on the camp beds in the monastery. I had the pleasure of waking up at the crack of dawn, and climbing the steep meadow slope to a special kind of sunshine welcome – Fritz Moshammer contributed the magical tones.

This musician, born in the Louvre in 1954, can be found in very different contexts, whether with a trumpet, trumpet or trumpet. He also sometimes used a Jew’s harp, and even detonated shells. In 1989 he had a triple Inflagrante He founded (free chamber music, jazz, improvisation), in 2002 he founded the duo beats With drummer Erwin Rilling. as a member of Munich Alvorn collective team He traveled to Morocco to play with traditional Gnaoua musicians. Also in San Francisco, he can be heard with Alvorn’s solo performances.

He was as interested in performances, theater, and the fine arts as he was literature, and he was inspired by and challenged fellow artists from other fields in turn. Crossover was not limited to the music itself, for example, Mushamer often sang with writer Bodo Hill. You can find it on the Salzburg scene as well as on the Gazette, at the House of Literature Salzburg, at the Rauris Days of Literature, at the La Strada street arts festival in Graz and at the Salfelden Jazz Festival anyway.

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“Fritz Moshammer loved challenges, was always curious and open-minded, was able to adapt quickly to situations and was always admired as a professional and with a sense of humor,” says an obituary of the Salzburg Literature House. The charismatic musician, who lived near Hallen, died in Salzburg on May 2nd after a short struggle with a serious illness.

Photo: Litterhaus Salzburg