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With humor, tragedy, and hard work, Pizzera and Gauss bring Amadeus back to life.

With humor, tragedy, and hard work, Pizzera and Gauss bring Amadeus back to life.

Paul Bezerra and Otto Goss say the summer of 2021 was the most challenging but also the most rewarding of their lives. A second Amadeus Award for “Best Live Act of the Year” went to the cabaret duo in the summer. Given the tough party situation they’ve found themselves in during the pandemic, it looks a lot better for the two than for the first.

“A whole series of beach chair parties have taken place in Germany,” Otto Joss recalls in an interview with KURIER. “The ones in the back row were too far away and the people sat on their beach chairs not knowing what was going on in the baskets in front of them and next to them and they didn’t dare get up.” After a couple of shows, we knew how to deal with it and were able to encourage more people to get involved. However, it was very stressful.”

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However, none of them want to waste time this summer. They gained a lot of knowledge and the reactions from the audience were “indescribable”.

For example, when they sang at Mödling after the pandemic, this was their first show. “Distance rules still apply, the hall was only half full and people had to wear masks,” says Paul Bezerra. “When I was in the full Stadthalle in Vienna before, it was a huge change, both visually and acoustically. Despite the masks, people could see the joy of being able to attend concerts again. We received an amazing burst of energy from the audience that we could not have expected.”

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Bitzer and Gus not only made a lot of effort and meticulous preparation for the live season on stage, but also in front of it.

“We love being on stage and spending quality time with people, so the lockdown was unbearable.” We started training as soon as we were allowed to meet again in 2020. We’ve mentioned that we can perform again later and that we want to be ready. We were actually the first ones back on tour in early June.”

Another factor in Amadeus’ victory was undoubtedly the duo’s unique blend of music and cabaret, of serious and satirical content.

“Because we came from a nightclub, it was immediately clear to us that we weren’t going to say between songs: We wrote this song in Italy,” explains Jаus. “In between songs, we like to keep people entertained with entertaining conferences.” We believe that keeping the viewer’s attention in the show is crucial. And we do that by addressing serious issues with humor, but then breaking down the humor and dealing with the tragedy that’s in some of our songs. Then he returns to serenity.”

The song “Klаnа Indiana” is a good example of this. Both Pizzer and Jaus use the intro of the video to send a powerful message: They advocate not feeling ashamed to seek psychotherapy help when the soul is aching.

“One might think that therapy is no longer a taboo topic,” Bitzer explains. “However, as evidenced by hundreds of messages showing that a member of my family has been inspired to seek treatment because of your video, this news is clearly still relevant.” Many people still shy away from homophobia and racism. Unfortunately, when they need such help, men are often trapped in patriarchal structures and consider themselves weak or unmanly.”

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The song “Klanа Indian” is the start of Bitzer & Gauss’ upcoming third album. It will be released in November and is described as “a multi-genre with glamour, turmoil and fun”. The duo also recorded two a cappella songs, which were their first.

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