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Crossover with Resident Evil 4 leaves fans amazed

Crossover with Resident Evil 4 leaves fans amazed

Really cool crossover, which matches the version Resident Evil 4 Remakes Action hero Leon S Kennedy in World fortnite (From 28.95 euros at He buys) It leaves fans surprised rather than happy.

The point where lives are visibly divided is purely visual in nature: instead of the iconic leather jacket that Leon usually wears in Resident Evil, he appears in his Fortnite version in a skin-tight black shirt.

Fortnite: Resident Evil crossover, fans have to do without Leon’s leather jacket

In addition, the lack of other style options to choose from in addition to the missing jacket also causes misunderstanding. This is usually the case with modern Fortnite skins, but also with old Fortnite skins that can be modified at will and with several different options in terms of their accessories or appearance.

This option isn’t entirely missing from the Resident Evil skins in Fortnite: both Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, who are already available as playable characters, have been given options for customization. It is strange that only Leon is not allowed to change his clothes, which not only disappoints fans from all over the world, but also changes their appearance.”destructive “.

But Epic Games has already taken feedback from its players to heart on certain points in the past, and so we can hope this time around too that protagonist Resi will be given a few neat customization options, for example in the shape of his jacket. In addition to Resident Evil, a crossover has been allowed Fortnite fans have been excited about the Dragon Ball Z event latelywhich brought the anime heroes from the popular series to Battle Royale.

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