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Crucial MX500 Coming Soon 4TB


Manufacturer Crucial celebrates its premiere and now offers the MX500 4TB. The SSD uses a 2.5-inch TLC from Micron. According to Crucial, the 4TB variant should also achieve a read speed of 560MB/s over the SATA interface for sequential transfer rates. The write rate is 510 MB / sec. The interface is the limiting factor for transmission rates. The random access IOPS drops slightly to 90,000 on reading. However, when written, these remain the same at 90,000 IOPS. Crucial gives a five-year manufacturer’s warranty with a service life of 1,000TB.

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Information on pricing or exact delivery date is not yet available. The manufacturer only announced that delivery should take place soon.

The Crucial MX500 series is currently available in stores with a capacity of 500 GB for about 50 euros. The 1 TB variant is just under 94 euros. For 2 TB, potential buyers will have to put 169 euros on the table.

Prices and availability
Crucial MX500, SATA
€203.98 €109,90

From 92.43 €

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