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Cultural - "Der Nino aus Wien" appears as a guest in Ternitz

Cultural – “Der Nino aus Wien” appears as a guest in Ternitz

On Saturdays, three musicians who have become an integral part of the Austrian music scene will be guests at the Kulturhaus Pottschach and at the Stadthalle Ternitz.

On Saturday October 1, at 8 pm, the singer-songwriter “Der Nino aus Wien” comes to the Kulturhaus with his band and his new album “Eis Zeit”. The musician and writer is shaping the German-speaking music scene with his very own form of the Vienna song and the song “Hirschstettner Soul”. His appearances from the Vienna Konzerthaus to the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie testify to his reputation. For this he was nominated more than seven times for the “Amadeus Music Award” and in 2016 was awarded the “Pop / Alternative Rock” category.

Schiffkowitz and Schirmer play STS classics in a new way on October 8th at Ternitz Town Hall.

Christian Jungwirth

A week later, on October 8, at 8 p.m., the Classic meets Austropop. On the Stadthalle stage, STS’ second “S”, Schiffkowitz, and pianist Markus Schirmer plays famous songs of the Styrian cult band in an unusual way. STS titles like “Fürstenfeld” or “Gö, you’ll stay with me tonight” can be heard in new packaging. Tickets: Stadtgemeinde or “Ö-Ticket”.

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