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grew up with music

grew up with music

Composer Felix Geroldinger © Kathryn Geroldinger

Felix Geroldinger (26 years old) recently became the first trombone player with the Vorpommern Philharmonic Orchestra. The young Austrian top achieves his dream of becoming a professional musician.

A conversation with Enzenkirchener accompanies an introduction to machine knowledge. His family is an example of how enthusiasm for music can develop without pressure, but with loving encouragement. Tangible enthusiasm.

Special tools have been discovered for themselves

Father Carl studied the trumpet and is the chief of Oö. Landesmusikschulwerk, his mother teaches the flute. Felix began learning the trumpet at the age of seven. His brother discovered his love for drums and already completed his studies in Vienna. The sister has followed the mother’s path and is about to complete her university education with the flute.

The parents took the kids regularly to concerts and rehearsals, and there was no pressure at all, so everyone was free to develop where they suited them: “It was very motivating that they showed us so much.” Felix graduated from the Secondary Music School in Linz, while completing initial studies at Bruckner University in Linz.

“A very formative time, because you deal very intensely with music with people who have the same situation.” He and his brothers regularly participated in Prima la musica and won many awards. After completing his bachelor’s degree (trombone, tenor horn, euphonium) there, Felix began teaching at the state music schools in Rab and Andorf and continued his studies in Vienna. trumpet?

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The musician explains: “The euphonium is like a tenor horn, built a little differently with a straight bell and used primarily for big brass bands, it works the same way and looks a little different.” The baritone, also played by Geroldinger, is a little smaller: “A wonderful instrument not so well known here.” He is also committed to rewriting or rewriting works for his rare “machines”.

After winning the audition in Western Pomerania against 15 contenders, he has now found a new musical home. He has been the first trombone player with the Philharmonic Orchestra since June. The fact that the city is located by the sea especially pleases sea lovers. The probationary period extends for one year, after which it can be taken up permanently. His parents had already visited him and saw him alive.

When he comes home – at a distance of 900 kilometers – he takes the opportunity to compose music with the family. It could be in the Red Philharmonic Orchestra, which is directed by the father, or in the three brothers’ ensemble Ensemble Esprit, founded in 2008. Away from classical music, he likes to play in the Austrian High Brass Ensemble: “Great kind of music, very intense.”

Geroldinger has just released his first solo CD, which is not only called “Premiere” but also because he’s trying to feature a baritone as a soloist. Includes new works, such as composed by Upper Austria. Composer Thomas Doss for Geroldinger, and two pieces recorded by Felix with his brothers.

In his new workplace, he is excited about “the wonderful colleagues, the diverse work and the enjoyment of work”. The latter also means exercising three hours a day. He finds a balance in photography, traveling, and doing things with friends. Like everyone else, he also dreams of playing with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, but: “I want to enjoy music, where and how is not so important.”

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Written by Melanie Wagenhofer