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Curling pupils and teachers: the pilot project continues

Curling pupils and teachers: the pilot project continues

Student Sports Championship Eisstock in Oberndorf

The pioneering project continues! Every year since 2007 there has been an incredibly committed school curling tournament, something that is greatly appreciated by all the students! The teachers and principal are completely behind this project and therefore make it possible for the students to go to the ice rink for a training session once during the PE class and then again for the competition! The local supervisors of the ice rink, Christoph Volstuben, Youth Supervisor of EC Oberndorf and his father take care of all the students and help them to put in the best performances in the tournament. This often leads to very exciting quarterly decisions and great performances, which the Neuwirth hotel staff instantly rewards with a snack!

The regulator is gaining supporters

EC Oberndorf President Franz Singer has been the organizer of these tournaments for years, and his tireless commitment ensures that all students receive a prize at the end and that the top three of each class receive the trophy! All this is possible only because the head of the ECO has always managed to win supporters for this project! The mayor, Hans Schweigkofler, is one of them! In his speech, he stressed the importance of the movement. The students congratulated and thanked the Principal, Hannes Nothdurrfter, and the very committed faculty for their commitment and the entire EC Oberndorf team to organizing and running this school tournament!

Awards Ceremony: More than 80 students and top teachers receive their awards

Director Hannes Nothdurfter thanks the mayor and the organizers and asks Franz Singer to organize the award ceremony!
final results for students
Class 1A1 Andra Yucel, Constantine Bombek II, Valery Grandier III,
Class 1B David Battleough, 2 Lennox Adelsberger, 3 Vincent Mitterer.
2nd class Louis Bendler, 2nd Emily Leblin, 3rd Florentina Hengl.
3rd class Simon Tönig I, Simon Landmann II, Lorenz Volstopen III
4th row 1. Lena Hauser, 2. Anna Kreschmer, 3. Lenny Exenberger

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the teachers
1. Director Hannes Nothdurrfter, 2. Christina Fuchs, 3. Julia Hechenberger

The 2023 primary school curling champion in Oberndorf is named Simon Tönig!

The applause ended with a huge applause and a big thank you to the organizers
School Championship Awards Ceremony 2023.