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St. Polten University of Applied Sciences: The new course allows study with a vocational training certificate

Previously, the course of study ended with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The new form now also makes it possible to complete an apprenticeship.

No. At St. Polten University of Applied Sciences, it is now possible to combine study and teaching. specifically affected by the course of study leading to the Bachelor of Science in Engineering. Graduates can combine this course with their apprenticeship.

A dual specialist in one person

Hardly anyone can claim to have completed an apprenticeship and college degree in their pocket. In the “Intelligent Engineering of Production and Process Technologies” course, this is now possible. Graduates have the opportunity to complete this course in addition to an apprenticeship in electrical and mechatronic engineering. So you have two degrees in your pocket. Almost all alumni have previously attended AHS.

Do you want to combine a vocational training with a university degree?

Currently six students are in the new form

Six young men, three graduates and three females, are currently attending this training course. With a female proportion of 50 percent, this is well above the average of 10-15 percent for previous years. Graduates are interns at Siemens AG and Siemens Energy. Other participating companies are Welser Profile, Zoerkler Gears GmbH & Co KG, Tyco Electronics and the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB).

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A new model that allows the combination of teaching and studies.  |  Photo: Gerhard Honeder
Currently six students are in the new form.  |  Photo: Leonie Schonfeldinger

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