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Current rumors about performance and sales launch

Current rumors about performance and sales launch

while the Sony PlayStation 5 It’s still in short supply, and rumors about a Pro version of the console are already making the rounds. The leaked information was shared by red gaming technology.

Accordingly, Sony wants to release a revised version PlayStation 5 Pro already against end of 2023 straight in 2024 Treat. in matters efficiency They say the Pro version will significantly outperform the standard model.

Significantly more powerful GPU

This is how PS5 Pro should be Twice the speed of the GPU to receive. In addition, the ray tracing performance 2.5 times higher than the current PlayStation 5. A more powerful graphics unit will basically lead to a better user experience VR . apps maybe.

In addition, Sony is said to be working alone property solution, which can be used to display and upgrade low-resolution games. This would give the Japanese technology group an alternative to Nvidia Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) and also AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR).

PlayStation VR2 for PS5

Launching may take a long time

Whether the information is actually correct will only become clear when the Pro version of PS5 is officially announced. There is also the possibility that while the leak is true, Sony is dead to set The PlayStation 5 Pro will change until the announcement.

Since the base model of the PlayStation 5 is still out of stock Or regularly again within a few minutes run out The question arises as to whether Sony really wants to release the Pro version in a year and a half.

It has been said in the past many times that the Pro model will only be launched when a file the demand post current PS5 breast feeding had become. continuous view The shortage of chips Of course, this may take some time.

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