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Bethesda’s Pete Haynes slams Starfield’s main roster controversy

Bethesda’s Pete Haynes slams Starfield’s main roster controversy

Bethesda’s Pete Hines calls the debate over the main Starfield menu “extremely unprofessional”.


Earlier this week, the first betas of starfield It is sent to game journalists and content creators. As is common with most major triple A releases these days. Some of them have a screenshot of the main menu screen from starfield Shared to let others know they are playing the game. The beginning of the discussion! Of course you can criticize anything related to a product. That’s what the critics are. However, officials at Bethesda and Xbox should not expect this The “Starfield Home List” is already causing controversy.

Notable critic Mark Kernformer team leader World of Warcraft As well as a producer Diablo 2 And starcraft, a picture of the main menu on “X” (formerly Twitter) and criticized it. He said he notes that Bethesda’s “fix” team is bogged down in “rushed release dates” and lacks pride in their work.

Kern tweeted: “The highlights of home screens. A game splash screen can say a lot about how driven a team is and how proud they are of their work. A Starfield splash screen features either rushed release dates from a fully overhauled excited team or one that just didn’t care.”

@Grummz’s post went viral after being online for two days. To date, the post has been viewed more than 9.1 million times on X and more than 3,500 comments have been requested.

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Who cares about the main Starfield menu?

Indeed, for most commentators, it is a secondary matter. Some see it as disrespectful even to discuss it. As the post showed Heinz House, one of Bethesda’s most famous employees, don’t stop. Hines was reported after a tongue-in-cheek commentator suggested Bethesda should focus solely on the main roster to avoid being criticized.

The Bethesda man confirmed that the menu selection was intentional and was one of the first decisions made at Bethesda. Haynes also berated Kern for his comments about the menu screen, which he said was disrespectful to the developers.

Or they designed what they wanted and that’s been our list for years and was one of the first decisions we made. Getting an opinion is one thing. Questioning a developer’s ‘caution’ because you would have done it differently is very unprofessional when it comes from another ‘developer’ “.

Mark Kern He has not yet posted a counter comment.

It’s the main Starfield menu. Yes it is spartan but what is it actually about? – If someone criticizes Starfield’s “scrappy” achievements, okay. But the main menu? As a player, you must quickly find your way around so that you can start the actual game. It’s not about more or less.

Everything you need for a good role playing game on one table.  - (c) Bethesda

Everything you need for a good role playing game on one table. – (c) Bethesda

starfield It will be released on September 6, 2023 for Windows PC and Xbox Series X / S. Starfield has already started pre-loading for Xbox players.