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Cyprus announces a new sea corridor to Gaza

Cyprus announces a new sea corridor to Gaza

Cypriot President Nikos Christodoulides announced the resumption of the delivery of European Union aid to the Gaza Strip via the sea corridor. “The sea corridor could start operating again very soon,” Christodoulides told the newspapers of the German Editorial Network (RND, Sunday editions). The United States is “close to completing the temporary port in Gaza.”

Christodoulides said that when this dock is operational, “it will be much easier to send two or even three ships, as well as larger ships carrying more humanitarian aid to Gaza.” He added that this is an important step to help the people of Gaza face the terrible humanitarian catastrophe.

Christodoulides criticized what he considered the inadequacy of the European Union's efforts to promote peace in the region. “Although it is about our neighbors, we do not play a leadership role in efforts for peace. Christodoulides continued: “We need to make more efforts and play a more important role, whether in calming the crisis or in negotiating a two-state solution.”

The European Union and the United States also announced a sea corridor from Cyprus at the beginning of March. Problem: There is no port in the Gaza Strip. The US Army was therefore supposed to build a temporary port, which likely would not be ready until May.

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