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The US House of Representatives approves a $61 billion package for Ukraine

The US House of Representatives approves a $61 billion package for Ukraine

the The Congress After months of siege, a billion-dollar aid package was approved for Ukraine, which was attacked by Russia. The House of Parliament approved a similar draft law on Saturday afternoon (local time), which includes about 61 billion US dollars (57 billion euros) for Kiev.

The bill was approved in the Assembly by a bipartisan vote of 311 to 112. There was applause in the plenary session after the vote. A number of deputies waved Ukrainian flags and chanted, “Ukraine, Ukraine.” They were called to order. Many Republicans voted against the aid, but they were able to get it approved with the help of the US President's Democrats. Joe Biden Does not prevent. Republicans have a slim majority in the House.

Republican leader in the House of Representatives, Mike JohnsonVoting can cost a job. Several radical MPs and former president Donald Trump Those who are pro-Ukraine, oppose aid to Ukraine.

Aid packages for Israel and Taiwan were also approved

The package provides about $23 billion to expand the US military stockpile. Thus, the money goes indirectly to Ukraine, as the United States usually supplies the country attacked by Russia with equipment from its stockpiles. The rest is allocated for further military support and financial assistance. The latter is designed as a loan. The text also states that US President Biden should supply Ukraine with long-range ATACMS missile systems “as soon as practicable.” Kiev has long hoped to acquire the weapons system whose missiles are fired from the ground at targets on the ground.

The House of Representatives voted on Saturday not only in favor of Kiev, but also in support of it Israel Through aid worth 26 billion US dollars. On the one hand, it is intended, for example, to finance Israeli missile defense and ongoing US military operations in the region. On the other hand, about nine billion US dollars were allocated for humanitarian support, including for the residents of the Gaza Strip.

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Also accepted were nearly eight billion US dollars in support for Taiwan and the Indo-Pacific region and a provision for the sale of the Chinese short video app Tiktok as well as sanctions on Iran and the confiscation of Russian assets.

The Senate had already voted in February on a $1 billion aid package requested by Biden. This has also provided billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. However, there was no vote at all in the House, because the internal power struggle was raging in the Republican-dominated chamber. President Johnson is under great pressure, especially from right-wing extremists in his party.