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BAFTA: Four awards for the road movie "Nomadland".

D: HABC agrees to change the gas tax

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck (the Greens) promised to change the planned gas tax. The change is intended to prevent companies that do not need it economically from taking advantage of these additional payments by gas customers. “That’s why you have to work hard to solve the problem now. And we are doing that too,” the green politician said last night in ZDF’s Heught Magazine. “We will solve this problem.”

The challenge is to ensure the supply of gas to residents and businesses, Habek explained, “and that was at risk.” Direct government aid to distressed companies is not a solution. He explained that “permanent state funding is not a business model, which is why we had to choose this allocation.” “We have to see that these companies, who don’t really need to access that extra cost, don’t get it either.”

The politician from the Green Party warned against taking the well-filled level of gas storage facilities to rest. Stored gas should be “pulled back as a reserve” in a possibly tense situation in the winter – but how stable the situation will be, “no one can predict now”.

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