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In the aftermath of the raid on Trump's palace

In the aftermath of the raid on Trump’s palace

The former president resists. There can be a special representative.

Preparing the raid on the luxury villa Donald Trump It turns into a struggle over the appropriate legal course of action in this unusual case. Over the weekend, a judge in the US state of Florida announced that she may have a special representative to review a file FBI– Initiation of investigations against the former president.

Politico magazine had reported that the documents found in Trump’s villa, classified as classified, are being evaluated by US intelligence services. Trump himself had previously asked the court to appoint a specially appointed examiner for a state investigation. Until then, the evaluation of the papers on it should remain.

Do unauthorized persons have access?

US intelligence agencies want to clarify whether national security risks arose from the storage of classified documents at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago villa in Palm Beach, Florida. This was reported by Politico on Saturday, citing a letter from the secret service coordinator Avril Haines to senior staff. “The Department of Justice and the Office of the US Intelligence Coordinator are working together to facilitate the review of the classification of relevant materials, including those found in the research,” Haines wrote.

According to the report, the intelligence services can also check whether unauthorized persons have access to the documents. This may be criminally related. Haines is the intelligence coordinator in the administration of Trump’s successor Joe Biden on me.

Friday was it US Department of Justice Partially announcing the basis on which the former president’s apartments were searched on August 8th. This revealed that Trump had previously returned many classified, classified, and top-secret documents to the National Archives. Since Trump kept the documents in his private property until then, he could have broken the law.

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The 45th US president is determined to delay or even block the next steps by US authorities: Trump has already filed a lawsuit last Monday. Among other things, the Republican wants to achieve the appointment of an impartial auditor. After revealing new details about the US Department of Justice investigation on Friday, Trump renewed his request.

The so-called special master must oversee the investigation of documents seized in the process at the Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, according to a request made by his attorneys. Until then, “the United States government shall not be involved in the examination of documents.”

25 Top Secret Documents

The judge handling the explosives case, Eileen Cannon, announced that a hearing would take place on Thursday. She is the one who has now promised a special representative to review the FBI investigation. Side note: Cannon was appointed a judge by Trump himself in 2020.

On Friday, the US Department of Justice, by order of another judge, released the document on the basis of which the search for private property Mar-a-Lago was authorized. About half of the 30+ pages were blocked to protect sensitive information.

Other details also became known: Trump sent 15 boxes of documents from Mar-a-Lago to the National Archives at the beginning of the year. 14 of them contain classified and partly top secret documents. 184 documents are classified in them: 67 of them are classified, 92 are classified, and 25 are classified as top secret. There were handwritten notes on some of them – possibly written by Trump himself.

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