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Dalia Ahmed and Andreas Specchtel host Popfest Wien

Dalia Ahmed and Andreas Specchtel host Popfest Wien

The festival is scheduled to return to Karlsplatz in Vienna in 2022 under the supervision of the musician and musician.

Music journalist and DJ Dalia Ahmed will be responsible for the program of the upcoming Vienna Pop Festival alongside Ja, Banek’s first man, Andreas Specchtel. After spending limited festival due to the pandemic, the latest festival held at the Vienna Arena is back to its traditional location in Karlsplatz. The 13th edition is scheduled to take place from 28 to 31 July 2022.

The final decision on the venue will not be announced until spring. Until then, you also have to be patient to get the first information about the performers.

The work of tandem coordinator for the 2022 festival is not new to Dalia Ahmed, who was born in Vienna in 1991, where she was responsible for the lineup for the Vienna Electric Springs Music Festival in 2019 and as co-coordinator of the Seva Festival. Media Art Festival 2020. Ahmed has been working as a music journalist and DJ and since 2015 as a radio presenter in ORF– An active FM4 radio station.

Andreas Spechtl, born in 1984 in Oberbollendorf, Burgenland, has released five recordings with “Ja, Panik” since 2007. Recently, the indie rock band delivered an album with “Die Gruppe” in April 2021. Spechtl can also look at three individual records. In 2016, the collective biography of “Ja, Panik” was published under the title “Futur II”.

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