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Dance stars M Sarkisova-Chek

Dance stars M Sarkisova-Chek

After the beginning of the fourteenth season of “Dancing Stars” the wheat has already begun to separate from the chaff.

Tops. On Friday there was one thing in particular on the ORF ballroom: the power of a woman! Nina Kraft, Caroline Athanasiades, Margaret Tessel, Christina Inhoff, and Jasmine Auchan have all set a high ceiling for some men, even if the celebrity factor isn’t that high this time around. “I thought it would be the weakest season because I hardly know anyone who was there this time,” juror grinned Karina Sarkisova in an interview with Austria. “But I was really surprised. In terms of dancing, this time it is one of the strongest,” said the ballerina, beaming. She is especially fond of women. “They are all very graceful and good. Especially Nina Kraft – she is very musical and graceful. I also liked Caroline Athanasiades. Sarkisova says she dances very classically. But someone else won her heart.” Boris Bukowski is a spiritual candidate. And my soul sits in the hatch,” Karina laughs. “He is a cheerful person and his aura trumps everything. She is as graceful as young men and has an outstanding personality,” she says of Ostropop star Rosen.

Celebrity ladies show the gentlemen how to do it

flops. A sexy juror expects more from other men. Above all, former cyclist Bernard Cole and former goalkeeper Otto Konrad received criticism from Kareena. “I thought Bernard was faster and fitter, but it’s not easy to loosen up. And Otto is very focused. In the ballroom it’s not just about the steps, but you also have to give something to the audience,” was her criticism. All candidates now have one week to work on themselves and improve.

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