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RTL "Am I Smarter Than...?": Jana Ina Zarrella Reveals Her Greatest Shock Moment

RTL “Am I Smarter Than…?”: Jana Ina Zarrella Reveals Her Greatest Shock Moment

“Am I smarter than…?” said Jana Ina Zarella. On the RTL it was one of the most shocking moments I experienced in Germany.

Photo: screenshot / RTL

Claudia Florkovsky

On RTL Episode 6, Am I Smarter Than…? Two top nominees competed for the first time – Jana Ina and Giovanni Zarella faced the task and tried the all-time winner. Oliver Bucher (Smarter than 88 percent of Germans) They are dethroned by twice the force. To do this, they completed an IQ test with Professor Martin Curti in advance, and Thomas Anders, Christina Luft and Kai Ebel were also guests on the show, who also answered questions.

For some classes, it soon became clear that it was definitely an advantage to compete in pairs. But since the mediator in particular is not afraid to discuss with her husband, interaction with her sometimes caused a lot of trouble.

Zarilas’ clever approach to multitasking

So, while the guests had to count the passengers in the first, multi-tasking class, who got on and off the bus at the same time, Zarillas could share the task among themselves. They only failed the first question, but then cleared all the points.

Giovanni and Jana Ina Zarella wanted to know if they were smarter than the Germans on RTL.

Giovanni and Jana Ina Zarella wanted to know if they were smarter than the Germans on RTL.

Photo: RTL / Dirk Borm

viewers on Twitter I realized this couldn’t be entirely fair – Professor Corti praised the clever approach and allowed them both to get what they wanted. Kai Ebel failed terribly this round and didn’t answer a single question correctly.

Giovanni Zarella bets an expensive rose and loses

In the second category language The TV stars, who have been married for 17 years, initially shone with their foreign language skills: together they spoke German, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. However, that did not bring them much in the television stint, which revolved around classic films and literature. The native Brazilian Gana Ina had to justify herself: “I’m only after 21 Germany Come on, I don’t know all the German fairy tales.”

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The title ended with relatively few disputes, however, when it came to questions regarding the viewing category, and it came down to a marital showdown. Large quantities of coins, cars, or roses must be counted or estimated. It didn’t do well on the test as the 44-year-old recalls:

“We were always counting out loud and then totally confused. Then I went back on the screen with my fingernails. It just drove him crazy.”

Giovanni Zarella is forced to appease his angry wife Jana Ena.

Giovanni Zarella is forced to appease his angry wife Jana Ena.

Photo: screenshot / RTL

When it came to estimating the number of roses, the two differed: “If C is wrong now, I should bring at least one of that bouquet home with me,” Giovanni declared. After that, the mediator Gunter Gautsch had to share the bad news with him: “Then the local florist should stock up.”

The answer the singer gave to his wife was wrong – she jumped in anger: “I said it. Listen to me when you count! Oh man!” Her husband replied sarcastically: “I have a very cool one life! He now owes her 119 roses, and in the end there were many more.

In the end, the couple found that teamwork was not appropriate in estimating: “Actually we would have scored more points in the game alone” and “It’s not always better to play together, we were completely insecure”they pointed out. However, together they are smarter than 84% of Germans at this point in the show.

Gana Ina erases the myth of nudity surrounding Brazil

A question-and-answer session on the topic of ‘Life’ finally tackled a particularity from Germany that a British travel guide is supposed to warn of. Jana Inna immediately came up with the correct answer – it is about nudity in saunas. She said:

When I asked Gauch if all beachgoers in Copacabana were always dressed, she also clarified, “We Brazilians don’t go to the beach naked. In Brazil, no trunk is prohibited.” The bikini you’re wearing is small, but “what to wear is covered.” Finally, I warned RTL viewers: “Please don’t go to the beach naked, you will come policeBut then he reassures him: ‘But you can bribe the police.’

Thomas Anders with disgusting talk criticism

In the Memory category, singer Thomas Anders came out: He couldn’t remember any words – not even his own. Shortly thereafter, he was able to criticize his former bandmate Dieter Bohlen Irresistible:

A modern hadith contains only ten words.

Thomas Anders took it over "Am I smarter than...?" Words are not pronounced.

Thomas Anders shared in “Am I Smarter Than…?” Words are not pronounced.

Photo: RTL / Dirk Borm

He should have sat down saying to remind: Dieter Bohlen was a veteran jury member of the programs “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” and “Das Supertalent” until 2021. But in the future, the TV presenter wanted to become more family friendly, and perhaps Bohlen had to vacate his jury seat because of his statements impudent.

Together, Zarylas is smarter than 89 percent of Germans

The two underestimate each other Women On the TV tour in the directing category. Jana Ina made it clear that she would receive her once to me Never found her again in a parking garage, Christina Luft got lost while jogging in the woods. However, none of this was noticed in the game: The dancer had all the questions about the right and left hands correctly, as Jana Inna did, albeit with the active support of her husband.

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In the end, there was a surprise to the announcement: The Zarilas family is smarter than 89 percent of Germans. So they threw the best of the above, Oliver Bucher from #1. The two reacted profusely: “We broke Ole!”Jana Inna was happy, Giovanni even added a shovel and claimed: “I think a lot of people are happy that Ole is no longer number one.”

Oliver Bucher should have taken the lead "Am I smarter than...?" Vacant - The mediator, Gunther Gautsch, was surprised.

Oliver Bucher had to take first place in “Am I Smarter Than…?” Vacant – The mediator, Gunther Gautsch, was surprised.

Photo: screenshot / RTL

dry gauche reaction: “Then these fellows go to ZDF!” Bucher did his job on the show so well, after all, that he competed alone in February 2020 without his partner Princess. By the way, the test master himself has the worst of it a story From “Am I smarter than…?” Cut – Gauche is “only” smarter than 51 percent of Germans.