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Daniel and Victoria from Sweden: Why are you deceiving us?

Daniel and Victoria from Sweden: Why are you deceiving us?

Winter is slowly knocking on the door: temperatures are dropping, days getting shorter. This is also the case in the Swedish province of Örebro, where Daniel (47) and Victoria of Sweden (44) Marking the start of the cold season on Wednesday, October 6th. While the crown prince shone in an elegant icy blue outfit, her husband was convinced by a chic dark blue suit. side by side Charm couple crown Perfectly coordinated winter look. But not everything went smoothly with the appearance of Victoria and Daniel: on the way to the mission’s dining table in the city there was a great confusion – and suddenly the matter stopped royal dream team In front of closed doors! Victoria and Daniel handled it with good humor and he got a lot of laughs with a great joke.

On the wrong track: Watch the hilarious shots of Daniel and Victoria from Sweden in the video above. This is where the crown prince couple shows their sense of humor!

Sweden’s Victoria: Her little slips make Carl Philip laugh

Glitter in the royal palace: in honor of the Federal President Frank Walter Steinmeier The Swedish royal family, 65, and his wife, Elke Bodenbender, 59, hosted a gala dinner for the first time in more than two years. In addition to the royal couple Carl Gustaf (75) and silvia sweden (77) Of course also Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel are not missing. in a Gorgeous red dress A sparkling accessories enchanted mother of two. But things aren’t going smoothly with Victoria either: The Crown Prince, of all places, witnesses a few missteps during the photo session. But the daughter of King Carl Gustaf takes him with a sense of humor. Moreover Prinz Carl Philip (42), who also couldn’t miss the dinner party, couldn’t help but laugh.

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Unpleasant scene! In the video below, you can watch the Swedish Victoria’s incident at the Palace Photography Centre.