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Daniel Hartwich caused viewers frustration with the ad

Daniel Hartwich caused viewers frustration with the ad

Daniel Hartwich reports another surprise.Photo: Sasha Scheuermann/Getty Images


Emky Gerets

On Friday evening, the sixth live performance of the program “Let’s Dance” was broadcast. Ten couples are still struggling to move on. This time there was also a major change for the first time in the show’s history. Celebrities and pros mixed and had to take on uncommon challenges in this week of dance training.

At Easter, the stars of the show should go back to their old lineup. For example, Anna Ermakova is now dancing with Christian Polanque. After the surprise announcement, the model revealed how she felt about it: “I was so nervous about learning to dance with a new partner.” Another advertisement on the last show soon caused great frustration.

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Celebrities or professionals do not have to leave the show

First, the new dancing couples were introduced, who this time had to prove their skills on the dance floor. Christina Loft and Philip Bowie danced first. “We had a partner switch for the first time, they were all shocked,” said moderator Victoria Swarovski. Daniel Hartwich immediately took the floor and added: “But there is good news: no one can retire today.” Instead there is a bonus point.

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This announcement was instantly discussed on social networks. There was a lot of criticism of this decision. Many on Twitter asked themselves why they should watch the show at all, and the suspense arc went away. Some people finally considered whether two dancing couples would have to fly at the next show. Daniel Hartwich confirmed this theory at the end of the show.

Before that, however, there were also voices who spoke out against eviction on the sixth live show. It’s not fair for a celebrity to get completely involved with someone new. Recently, Philip Bowie scored 30 points smoothly with Patricia Ionel. Christina danced together now 25. “Your thighs were so flabby,” said Jorge González. “Who moved the ass? I thought a little, but other than that it was a huge samba.”

Mozzi agreed: “I think you’ve done a great job. You’ve tried to move a lot more than I’ve ever seen.” Joachim Lambi saw it all like this: “A great finishing position, sometimes I want more of a risk from you. You’re technically the best here, you’re rhythmically great. That little handbrake needs to be released so it can move a little bit more.”

Score more points

As for Christina’s actual dance partner, he did better in comparison, even if he scored a lot less than Philip Bowie. Because he was able to increase by four points compared to the previous offer And he got 19 points from the jury for the movie Slow Waltz. “You moved a lot more than usual today,” said Joachim Lambie. “When you went into pose the barn came into your shoulder. I would like you to come down, and you relaxed. That was an improvement.”

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Jorge was also pleased with his performance: “I really enjoyed it today. You were so focused, man. You have to improve that attitude.” We are now in the sixth week, Motsi Mabuse said at the end, your eyes are shining. You have so much love, you can see the joy in this dance. You guys had such an intimate relationship in such a short time, you were a lot calmer than usual.” So the change of partners was good for me anyway.