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With honors – a successful musical evening from the Stadtkapelle Weitra

With honors – a successful musical evening from the Stadtkapelle Weitra

Mayor Patrick Lair and Headmaster Hubert Prinz were welcomed by President Karl Stutz as “hosts”, Deputy Mayor Petra Zimmermann Moser as representative of all municipal and city councils and Fire Brigade Captain Harald Hofbauer as representative of the clubs. Stutz also welcomed NÖBV Vice-Chairman Gerhard Schnabel, Herbert Gröhlich of the CM Ziehrer Zwettl music club and District Music Director Stefan Grubel. The Witra Youth Orchestra choreographed the start of the evening. New Young Speakers Julia Bauer and Lorenz Tobel humorously directed shows like “Tarzan”, “Wheelerman” and “Old Town Road” and introduced all the members.

From Tetris Theme to STS Medley

The youth orchestra also came up with something special and performed “Lust auf Kaffee” and “Schiff ahoi” clapping with a dance routine and showed with the Boomhawker pirates that music can also be made with sticks. The program for the rest of the evening was also very special. The musicians demonstrated their instrumental skills with carefully selected tracks: “Sympatria” by Thomas Assanger, “Earth Dance” by Michael Sweeney, “Tetris Theme” by Hirokazu Tanaka, “Mission” by Ino Moricone, “Guardians of the Galaxy” by Michael Brown, “The Great Locomotive Chase” by Robert W. Smith, “How to Train Your Dragon” by John Powell, STS medley and “Fix You”.

Renate Lust led the program and gave the audience information about individual pieces and composers. After the break, visitors experienced percussion coming from Sierra Leone with drumming by percussion group and music teacher Johannes Rauch. Gerhard Schnabel honored young musicians. Katarina Stutz, Magdalena Prinze, and Doris Pollack have received the Medal of Honor for over 25 years of music training. Karl Hofbauer was awarded a special award – the Silver Medal for Merit.

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Preparations are underway for the anniversary celebration

At the end of the evening, Chairman Karl Stutz addressed many words of thanks to the supporters and sponsors of the town band. In 2024 it will celebrate its centenary, and preparations are already being made for this year. As an encore, the Witra town band played the “Ghost Dance”. But what would the Spring Gala be without the “Radetzky March” – the concert-goers applauded with applause.