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Dark Matter Physics Questions

Dark Matter Physics Questions

© Jeffrey, Dark Energy Collaboration

A new and particularly accurate space map describing the spread of dark matter calls Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, and thus large parts of physics are in question. This is the amazing result of the research team that created the map. The realization that dark matter is more evenly distributed and more widespread than all theories have expected led to this conclusion.

Was Albert Einstein wrong?

Researcher Niall Jeffrey of the Paris École Normale Superieure said For the BBC. As a physicist, this idea is very exciting. This means you can discover something new about how the universe really works.

Dark matter has not been directly detected yet because it is not actually visible. To create the detailed map, a quarter of the night sky is observed in the Southern Hemisphere with a 570MP camera.

From 2013 to 2019, 300 million galaxies were recorded and classified by distance. Complex calculations made it possible to include a time dimension. Dark matter To prove indirectly.

New physics imaginable

The new card has caused mixed reactions in the research community. Cosmologist Carlos Frenk, who on the basis of Einstein helped develop several theories about the origin of the universe, split: he had worked on his theory all his life and now he did not want everything to collapse.

At the same time, the calculations will appear correct and one must face the possibility of needing new physical principles. Other researchers said that Einstein’s theory has not proven perfect in the past. It is also envisaged that the theory will have to be adapted slightly in order to accommodate the new findings.

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