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The Curiosity rover depicts Mars clouds glowing at night

The Curiosity rover depicts Mars clouds glowing at night

There are clouds in the thin atmosphere of the red planet A rare phenomenon. Most commonly, Mars clouds appear during The coldest time on Mars is a year Running – when the planet is further from the sun.

2 years ago on Earth – around the year of Mars – the Curiosity spacecraft determined that clouds began to form shortly before the height of the cold season. So this time the Curiosity team at NASA had pointed cameras at the Martian sky a little earlier and there it was Wonderful cloud formations Photographed.

High above the surface of Mars

Surprised For researchersThese “early clouds” look like that Much higher More above the surface of Mars than most other clouds. Mars clouds usually move in one The altitude is about 60 kilometers Over the red planet.

By calculating the time of sunset and nighttime glow of clouds, researchers can also determine this How high are the clouds stand up.

Components of the Mars clouds

Some photos were taken after sunset. Due to the massive height of the clouds, the clouds particles are still standing Illuminated by sunlightUntil the clouds rise at night. While most of Mars is cloudy Water ice Exist, the upper clouds are supposed to consist of Frozen carbon dioxide or Dry snow Made up.

Show other recordings Iridescent clouds, In the Pastel colors Shine. According to NASA, this color combination arises when all cloud particles appear Almost the same size to have. This usually happens soon after cloud formation.

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