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Data from children: Instagram faces record fine in Ireland

Instagram will pay a record €405 million fine in Ireland. The Irish Data Protection Authority announced today that it is related to the processing of data from children and young people. Minor users between the ages of 13 and 17 were allowed to operate business accounts on the photo and video platform, which would have allowed their phone numbers and/or email addresses to be published.

Instagram is part of the Meta Platforms group, which also includes Facebook and WhatsApp. Meta said they wanted to appeal the Irish decision. Instagram also changed its settings over a year ago and since then has come up with new ways to keep teens’ data private. Ireland has jurisdiction because Meta has its European Union headquarters there, as do other major US tech companies like Apple and Google.

There are several other cases pending in Ireland against Meta affiliates. Last year, WhatsApp was fined a record €225 million for failing to comply with EU data protection rules. Irish authorities intend to publish details of their decision on Instagram next week.

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