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Dead by Daylight: D&D, Castlevania, 2v8 mode – lots of anniversary announcements

Dead by Daylight: D&D, Castlevania, 2v8 mode – lots of anniversary announcements

Dead by Daylight is celebrating its eighth anniversary and that's why there are a lot of announcements about the long-running hit horror game – including Dungeons & Dragons, Castlevania and a 2v8 mode.

In celebration of Dead by Daylight's eighth anniversary, Behavior Interactive announced a bunch of new content for the horror game in a live stream. For example, two chapters were shown out of a total of six other planned chapters. Next is a chapter on the famous brand Dungeons and Dragons On the plan that focuses on the villain Vecna.

In Dead by Daylight, Vecna ​​is known as the Lich and is allowed to vent his rage as the new Slayer. In addition, there will be a new survivor with Bard Aestri Yazar and a new map with “Forgotten Ruins”; The latter takes you into a mysterious dungeon filled with Easter eggs for D&D fans. Collecting loot and magic items, such as rolling dice, should also be integrated into gameplay.

The D&D chapter will be available in the game starting June 3, 2024 and also celebrates the 50th anniversary of the D&D series. Another chapter will be announced later in 2024 Castlevania Lean against.

Away from the new classes was also 2v8 game mode It has been announced for Dead by Daylight, which promises a new gaming experience. Such a mode has been widely requested in the community and in the future will allow two assassins to compete against eight survivors on a larger map. Several gameplay modifications will also be made for this purpose, including replacing talents with a class system and adding cages instead of hooks. More information about the game mode will be announced in a live stream in July.

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with What fog A new two-player cooperative roguelite game from the Dead by Daylight universe has also been announced. Here you slip into the role of Dwigt, Claudette or Feng Min, working together and having to survive in a hostile world. There are monsters, bosses to defeat, and more. The title is available now and can be obtained for free using a Behavior account. However, the number of lau keys is limited; If you can't get one anymore, you can also purchase the game regularly on Steam.

And: the previously confirmed PvE horror shooter with the working title Project T He wants to involve the community in future development. That's why you can now choose one Insider programme Report to receive exclusive news, the opportunity to participate in playtests and share your feedback about the game.

Dead by Daylight – Dungeons and Dragons movie

The long-running successful Dungeons & Dragons brand is now also reflected in the long-running horror film Dead by Daylight.